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Premium feel & maximum durability

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The estimated delivery time is between 5-6 days. For customized golf balls the delivery time may take longer.

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Experience Control With True Balance

Redefine your game, one swing at a time

What’s new?

Created with a meticulously designed 312 dimple pattern structure that works to enhance the aerodynamic performance of the ball during flight to give you an edge on the course.

Increased compression to produce higher ball speeds

Reduced rigidity of the outer mantle results in softer feedback

Increased spin with wedges

Improved durability

Optimal Alignment

Take strokes off your game with our alignment aid. Designed with crisp edges that taper towards the target, use it to visualize your aim on the tee or as a guide when lining up a putt after reading the green.

Engineered Performance

Engineered with a 3-layer design, featuring a Surlyn® cover for an optimal balance between performance and durability.


Enhanced mid-acid ionomer (Surlyn®) cover for a softer feel at impact and sufficient spin performance.


High resilience and low stiffness composition for minimized driver-spin & increased ball flight stability.


Size-optimized High Energy Speed Core (HESC) with high core compression for fast ball speed and extra distance off the tee.

Surlyn® covers are some of the best value-for-money ball covers available. They are extremely cut-resistant, leading to great durability, and contribute to a smooth feel with all clubs. They’re a great choice cover for golfers looking for the perfect performance/price ratio.