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Vice Shagbag

Vice Shagbag


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Vice golf shag bag

The VICE Shag Bag serves all those range kings and adds a layer of style to your practice equipment. Made of high performance nylon, the shag bag is strong and durable and reinforced with a PU bottom. The bottom features two eyelets to ensure no liquids remain in the bag. The size adjustment of the bag as well as the mesh features and flex use matches our philosophy: Form follows function!

Vice flex use

The primary use of this multi-purpose item is to store practice balls, however it also easily holds a pair of US 13 shoes or plenty of cans for your next trip to the beach.

Vice shag bag design

The VICE shag bag in classic VICE GOLF colorways is a fashionable accessory that will level up your practice routine and makes you stand out from your peers. Embrace Your VICE all the way!