Vice Golf Pro Plus Shorts

Vice Golf Pro Plus Shorts


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Miami beach to the unofficial home of golf, Jupiter

These performance shorts have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio as a result of the “micro-ripstop” material. The V-bar-tack reinforcement assures long wear and durability. As always with VICE GOLF products, we strive for the highest quality paired with premium design and functionality. The Pro Plus Shorts feature the classic OG VICE GOLF logo embroidered on the back pocket.


In 1886, Scottish immigrant John Gillespie brought his passion for the emerging game of golf to Florida. Alongside his newly-built homestead he constructed a practice course of two greens and one long fairway. In the decades since Florida has built more than 1,100 golf courses with nearly 48 millions rounds played annually, making it the #1 golf state in America. In a salute to that unique story, VICE GOLF introduces the FLORIDA SCRAMBLE collection, bringing classic functional designs to 21st century golfers worldwide.