Vice Golf Liberty Club Waffle Shorts

Vice Golf Liberty Club Waffle Shorts


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From the sleek streets of New York

These versatile and comfortable shorts are perfect for lazing around after a fun 18 holes regardless of your score. They are workout shorts too, ideal for the weight room with the elastic waist allowing for the ultimate in flexibility. The shorts are set off by VICE GOLF logo details on the front leg and back pocket.


While we mostly think of golf as a sport for wide-open spaces in the great outdoors, the game also has an urban side, with one of the largest cities in the world, New York, having 13 municipal courses open to all. The VICE GOLF LIBERTY CLUB collection reminds us of the great tradition of sports in our more metropolitan areas, from its pin-striped polos to the functional shorts and the new half-zip hoodies. Golf is everywhere, from Pebble Beach on coastal California to the Van Cortland, America’s oldest course, in the Bronx