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Vice Golf Duro

Vice Golf Duro

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The glove for any conditions

New look, new performance:
The new improved VICE DURO glove provides maximum grip and control in all weather conditions thanks to the premium synthetic suede fabric used. The DURO offers a comfortable feel, but gives you a strong grip and maximum durability at the same time - with leather inserts on the inside while comfortable and flexible on the outside with a flex-mesh over the knuckles. A glove for all conditions with redesigned transparent packaging.

Maximum comfort, maximum control

Experience the new VICE DURO in an optimal fit thanks to an elastic flexible mesh on the back of the hand to improve the control of your golf game by providing maximum grip in all weather conditions. The advantages at a glance:

  • Newly used synthetic suede allows for a constant, reliable grip over numerous rounds
  • Breathable thanks to high quality materials used in the manufacturing process
  • Flexible mesh area on the back of the hand ensures a comfortable and pleasant fit
  • The VICE DURO combines highest quality with outstanding price

The design

Embrace maximum control with the new VICE DURO on every shot, in any weather. The VICE DURO combines the best of the worlds of durability, performance, feel and fit: for all golfers who do not want to give up feel and control despite robustness and durability. Available in COOL GREY and BLACK on BLACK colorways, every golfer will find their VICE DURO to match their taste.